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The Nuts and Bolts of SEO

Home Page Optimization

Your home page is Google and potential customer’s first look at your website. It tells Google what your site is about, which can make or break your Google rank. We know how to build websites EXACTLY how Google wants them built.

Authoritative Content

To rank at the top, Google needs to see your website as THE authority in what you do. A few generic sentences about your services won’t do. We do the research and make sure Google and your customers KNOW you’re the expert.

Mobile Responsive

In today’s day, more searches happen on phones and tablets than on desktop computers. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, both Google and your prospective customers will penalize you severely.

Buyer Intent Keywords

Do you know how customers find you on Google? Do you know what they are searching? It’s not always as intuitive as you might think. We thoroughly research the keywords or searches your customers type or say into Google when looking for your business.

Local Citations

Your Google Business Page is just one place potential customers find you. The internet has hundreds of other digital phone books to get listed in. We have the full list and make sure your business is found in all the most popular digital phone books.

Lightning Fast Response Times

Waiting even 1 second for your website to load can cause customers to click the back button and go to someone else’s website. Don’t lose money just because your website loads slow. All our websites load in lightning fast times.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

Choosing a capable marketing company to help grow your business is tough. Do your research. Ask questions. Make an informed decision.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can turbo-charge your business.

How SEO Works

Competitor Analysis

Every SEO campaign starts with competitor analysis.

A great (and slightly terrifying) feature of the internet is transparency. With the right tools and enough time, you can see how your competition has built and designed their website, what backlinks they have, the number of local citations they have, what their google business page looks like and where they rank on google.

This information is invaluable when building or optimizing your website to rank at the top of google. When we develop the SEO strategy for your business, we always perform an in-depth analysis of the top ranking companies in both Saint Louis and other major cities around the country. The data from this analysis becomes a critical part of our SEO strategy and helps ensure we get your website ranked ahead of the rest.


Blogging is another great way to add new content to your website and build more authority on the internet for the services your company provides.

Most small business owners know they should be doing some type of blogging, but don’t have the time it takes or the experienced writing skill to blog about what their company does.

At 2 The Top SEO, we employ expert writers to write high quality blog posts for you and your business.

As we maintain a keyword focused blogging strategy for your business, your website continues to rank higher and higher in google searches.

Local Citations

For any business, you need to make sure either your business name, address or phone number can be found in as many places as possible so people know you exist and know how to find you.

Companies do this in dozens of different ways: putting stickers on their vehicles, paying for billboards, purchasing ads in local newspapers, handing out business cards, attending small business owner networking events, and the list goes on and on.

When it comes to making yourself known to search engines in your local market, get familiar with local citations.

A 2 The Top SEO, we can get your business all internet exposure it needs through a powerful location citation strategy.

Influential Backlinks

A backlink is link on another website back to your website, and an anchor text backlinks is a specific words or phrases on another websites that link back to your website.

When google sees backlinks from influential websites, they get a little more information about your website and the goods or services you provide.

The more information google has about your business and the more they see other “people” or websites talking about your business, the more they trust the information they find. The higher google trusts your business, the higher they rank your website.

If you want to rank at the top, your website must have a lot of influential, trustworthy backlinks.

We know how to find and build influential backlinks to your website so google knows as much as they can about your business and has high trust in the information they find. The result: a higher google search rank.

Online Directory Listing & Optimization

The internet contains hundreds of online phone books or directories.

If phone books were still around, would you rather your business be in one phone book, or every phone book you could find? Dumb question, right…Every phone book you can find.

In addition to optimizing your page on the worlds largest, most popular phone book (your google business page), we also list and optimize your business on the other top internet directories.

This helps ensure even more customers find you no matter what online phone book they use.

Real Results

At 2 The Top SEO, we offer expert website building and SEO services for start ups, developed companies, and local small businesses with one purpose in mind: more people visiting your website, more people buying your products or calling your phones, and most importantly more profit for your company.

​Let us change your website from a money black-hole into a valuable money making asset for your company.

​Contact us today for a free, no-pressure conversation about the dreams and goals for your small business. We look forward to growing with you.


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